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Spreading the Importance of
"Inner Beauty" from Ginza
to the World

On March 1, 2017, Esthe Pro Labo GINZA opened its doors on the ground floor of Matsuya Street, behind Mitsukoshi department store in Ginza 4-chome.

Esthe Pro Labo GINZA is an inner beauty salon operated by Esthe Pro Labo, which has a proven track record of providing "Inner Beauty Products" to approximately 12,000 esthetic salons, spas, and hair salons nationwide to support their treatment effects.

From the internationally renowned Ginza, we aim to spread the importance of "Inner Beauty" to the world.

About Esthe Pro Labo Ginza

Experience the Services of “Esthe Pro Labo Ginza” Known for its Commitment to Results and Development of Salon-exclusive Products

What You Can Do at “Esthe Pro Labo Ginza”

What You Can Do at "Esthe Pro Labo Ginza"

Our definition of “inner beauty” at Esthe Pro Labo Ginza is “beauty based on health,” focusing on meals, supplements, fasting, and other health-related practices.

Our salon offers professional-level counseling services based on three types of inner beauty counseling: “dietary guidance,” “supplement guidance,” and “fasting guidance.” In addition, we offer services such as Suisonia, a hydrogen inhalation service, mineral and toxic metal measurement, and Glycation degree test (AGEs), among others, all aimed at solving individual beauty and health issues. Our registered dietitians and professional counselors will support you as your “dedicated consultant.”

Dietary Guidance Supplement Guidance Fasting Guidance High-performance Inhalation Service Mineral and Heavy Metal Measurement Glycated Hemoglobin Testing (AGEs) Blood Flow Observation Body Composition Measurement DNA Testing Inner Beauty Cleansing Drink Inner Beauty Seminars

We Address Each Customer’s Challenges Together, to Find Solutions

Want to improve eating habits Want to reconsider diet and achieve successful weight loss Want to learn about good oils and Omega-3 Want to learn about selecting good water Want to know the benefits of fasting Want to try fasting but unsure how to start Want to participate in a fasting retreat Want to try beginner-friendly mini-fasting Want to learn about enzyme nutrition Want to learn about hydrogen and free radicals Want to learn about enzymes and raw food Want to learn about the popular “glycation (AGEs)”

Counselor’s Interview and Assessment of Customers

Thoroughly Conducting Interviews to Understand Beauty and Health Status

Thoroughly Conducting Interviews to Understand Beauty and Health Status

At Esthe Pro Labo GINZA, registered dietitians and certified professionals are always available to meet our customers’ needs. We conduct detailed counseling based on the principles of enzyme nutrition to understand our customers’ beauty and health conditions.

We listen carefully to our customers and make proposals for resolving their concerns.

Fill Out a 21-Item Lifestyle Check Sheet

Fill Out a 21-Item Lifestyle Check Sheet

First, fill out a check sheet for all 21 items related to diet, lifestyle, exercise habits, daily schedule, etc., and we will conduct a risk analysis of the customer.

The check sheet is filled out on a tablet, and the results are immediately available on the spot.

Various Advanced Analysis with Specialized Equipment to Aim for Resolution of “Risks” You May Not Even Notice Yourself.

At Esthe Pro Labo Ginza, we have introduced various specialized equipment to provide more accurate advice to our customers.
By closely understanding the individual circumstances of each customer, we support them in solving their challenges through the most suitable counseling.

Glycation Analyzer (SHARP AGEs Sensor)

Glycation Analyzer (SHARP AGEs Sensor)

The SHARP AGEs Sensor is a measuring device from the domestic manufacturer “SHARP” that can measure the aging substance “Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs)” that accumulate in the body.

Blood sampling is not required, and a highly accurate measurement with minimal individual differences, such as those caused by sunburn, is possible through transdermal fluorescence detection from the middle finger of the non-dominant hand where many capillaries are gathered and an always average value can be obtained. With its proprietary optical sensing technology and ultra-high sensitivity pathway technology, rapid AGEs measurement can be performed in just a few tens of seconds.

Place your finger on the testing device and it takes only a few dozen seconds to take a measurement, and the results are displayed on the spot in the form of scores and rankings. After registering, you can take regular measurements and check changes in your score.

Mineral and Heavy Metal Analyzer

Mineral and Heavy Metal Analyzer

By simply placing the measurement device on four points of the palm, 34 items including essential and reference minerals, as well as accumulated toxic metals in the body, can be measured in about three minutes.

With its special scanning technology, each mineral is identified, and the data obtained is sent via the Internet to Luxembourg (Europe) for immediate processing and the results are returned as a report, making it an innovative system.

The measurement is applied to 4 places on the palm, measured in about 3 minutes, and submitted as a report.

There is no need to collect hair or nails, and it is also attractive that you can measure the “current state”.

Blood Flow Observation Device

Blood Flow Observation Device

The state of the blood, which reflects daily lifestyle habits, can be estimated by visual observation based on changes in the shape of capillaries, presence or absence of turbidity, color, etc.

Body Composition Measurement Device

Body Composition Measurement Device

By combining information such as height, age, and gender that are input beforehand with the actual weight and electrical resistance of the body, the muscle mass and fat mass of the trunk, both arms, and both legs can be measured. It measures the balance of the body, basal metabolism, and visceral fat.

It is important to perform the measurement under the same time and conditions.

Analysis through DNA Testing

Analysis through DNA Testing

For those who are interested, we offer advice on risk prevention for beauty and obesity based on DNA testing using genetics and nutrition. We comprehensively analyze the congenital risk “DNA” and the acquired risk “lifestyle (dietary habits)” for “metabolism and obesity” and “beauty and anti-aging”, and propose specific risk prevention strategies based on enzyme nutrition.

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of congenital risk “DNA” and acquired risk “lifestyle (dietary habits)” to provide advice on risk prevention.

At “Esthe Pro Labo Ginza”, based on these analysis results, we provide guidance and specific recommendations.

At Esthe Pro Labo Ginza, where registered dietitians and certified specialists are always present, we provide specific advice that can be implemented from the very same day based on individual circumstances.
We primarily focus on improving dietary habits, providing supplement guidance, and fasting guidance as necessary.
We also make recommendations for supplement intake to address any nutritional deficiencies.

Dietary Guidance

Dietary Guidance

We provide guidance on understanding the relationship between “digestive enzymes,” which are involved in digestion and absorption, and “metabolic enzymes,” which are involved in metabolism and excretion. Based on the analysis of 11 risk factors related to dietary habits, we offer suggestions for reviewing “dietary habits” and “lifestyle cycle.”

We also recommend foods that are high in enzymes and impose less of a burden on enzyme consumption.

Fasting Guidance

Fasting Guidance

The fasting method we recommend as a beauty and health method involves using plant-fermented beverages to provide the necessary minimum calories, minerals, and vitamins while being implemented comfortably. The three steps of “preparation period,” “fasting period,” and “refeeding period” are important for fasting.

Let’s manage the fasting schedule together with a counselor.

Supplement Guidance

Supplement Guidance

Based on the hearing and analysis results, we provide recommendations for supplements that are tailored to your goals, such as beauty, weight loss, and anti-aging care.

We will suggest a variety of high-quality supplements that meet your needs.

Highly appreciated by those with a keen sense of beauty.
“Esthe Pro Lab Ginza” offers various beauty experiences.

Esthe Pro Lab Ginza also offers various services to support beauty and health.
Our highly acclaimed services include advanced suction treatments, take-out options for Esthe Pro Lab’s original smoothies and herbal teas, as well as seminars on the latest enzyme nutrition.
These services are highly appreciated by those with a keen sense of beauty and health.

Beauty and Health Support with Esthe Pro Lab Ginza’s “High-Performance Suction Services”

Beauty and Health Support with Esthe Pro Lab Ginza's High-Performance Suction Services

In recent years, the importance of “inner beauty” has been on the rise. In particular, there has been increasing attention paid to “hydrogen.” “Hydrogen beauty” is rapidly becoming popular among models, talents, athletes, and others.

At Esthe Pro Labo Ginza, you can receive a high-concentration hydrogen inhalation service.

Hydrogen Inhalation Device (Suisonia)

The popular hydrogen beauty treatment “high-concentration hydrogen generator (hydrogen inhalation machine) Suisonia” introduced at Esthe Pro Lab Ginza, takes in hydrogen through “mucosal absorption.” It is said to have higher absorption rates and immediate effectiveness compared to other methods of taking in hydrogen.
You can experience the slow inhalation of hydrogen in a private room. Why not bring your companion along with you?

Original Smoothies and Cold-Pressed Juices Available

Original Smoothies and Cold-Pressed Juices Available

We use domestically grown, organically farmed, and low-pesticide vegetables and fruits as the main ingredients in our high-class enzyme drinks, which contain a highly concentrated enzyme extract made from 113 types of plants. We also offer smoothies and cold-pressed juices made with a water-soluble concentrated solution high in “beauty mineral” silica. In addition, you can enjoy Esthe Pro Labo Ginza’s original herbal tea and organic decaf coffee.

Eat-in and Takeout Available

We offer 4 types of original smoothies and cold-pressed juices.
We also have an eat-in space in-store, where you can enjoy your purchased smoothies on the spot.
Why not receive counseling from one of our professional counselors while enjoying our original drinks?

Monthly Inner Beauty Seminars

Monthly Inner Beauty Seminars

At Esthe Pro Labo Ginza, we hold seminars every month in the salon with the theme of “solving seasonal beauty problems.” Since it is limited to a small number of participants, please check the schedule and contact us early if you wish to participate.

Information Access / Business hours

Store information
Business hours 10:00 - 20:00
Phone number 03-6263-0303TAP
Address 4-8-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Access 2 minutes walk from Exit A11 of Ginza Station (Ginza Line, Marunouchi Line, Hibiya Line)
2 minutes walk from Exit A2 of Higashi-Ginza Station (Asakusa Line, Hibiya Line)
4 minutes walk from Exit 9 of Ginza-itchome Station (Yurakucho Line)
8 minutes walk from Yurakucho Station (Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line)
8 minutes walk from Shintomicho Station (Yurakucho Line)
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