Pursue beauty and health from within.
Focus on “Inner Beauty” through diet and fasting.

“Inner Beauty Salon Esthe Pro Labo” is an Inner Beauty salon produced by Esthe Pro Labo, a company that has gained overwhelming support from beauty professionals such as esthetic salons, spas, and hair salons.

We define “Inner Beauty” as “creating beauty based on health” with a focus on diet, supplements, fasting, and other factors. At our salon, we offer professional-level counseling services based on three core principles of “1. Dietary guidance”, “2. Supplement guidance”, and “3. Fasting guidance”, with registered dietitians and professional counselors assigned as your dedicated support team. We are committed to providing personalized support to help each customer achieve their individual goals and solve their specific challenges.

Members Member Benefits

Become a member and receive various benefits Free Membership fee/Annual fee

Counseling on inner beauty, fasting, and analysis of dietary risks are always available for free

We analyze our customers’ eating habits, dietary tendencies, and risks in their daily lives and exercise habits, and provide thorough counseling. After becoming a member, you can receive free consultations and guidance on beauty, diet, fasting, and more.

The professional-use Esthe Pro Labo brand is available for purchase

After undergoing risk analysis counseling and becoming a member, you can try and purchase salon-exclusive products from the Esthe Pro Labo brand. These products have received high praise from estheticians and hair stylists and are of professional-grade quality. We encourage you to give them a try.

Premium benefits for inner beauty, such as discounts and invitations to special events

In addition to regular content, through special events such as “discounts for fasting retreats at members-only luxury hotels” and “invitations to special lectures,” you can acquire the latest knowledge and know-how related to inner beauty care and beauty.

Introduction to inner beauty and fasting specialized schools, and support for obtaining qualifications

For those who want to specialize in the latest nutritional studies on enzymes, hydrogen, and fasting, we introduce specialized courses, schools, and qualifications related to the latest nutritional studies and fasting.

Visitors Benefits for visiting the store

Visotors can receive counseling and various consultations and guidance(see the following fees).
In addition, various inner beauty cleansing drinks developed with carefully selected ingredients can be purchased by anyone, regardless of whether you are a member or a visitor. Please try.

Counseling / Various consultations and guidance
30 minutes 3,300 yen (tax included)
60 minutes 5,500 yen (tax included)